Session 3: Preparing Your 2023 Budget
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Week of December 12, 2022 from 4-6pm
Virtual Session on Zoom:

Farm business owners will leran how to build a farm budget in 10 steps. Budget building is a key skill required to forecast financials for lenders and decisions on opportunities related to scaling up. During this virtual workshop, youʻll learn how to use your 2022 Profit & Loss Sheet to Project a 2023 Budget. As part of the budget building process, youʻll learn how to:
  1. Walk through SWOT and leading into sales projections
  2. Reading our past financials and telling a story
  3. Working with sensitivity analysis and experimenting with scenarios
  4. Layering in the opportunity assessment tool

Ad part of this session, weʻll review a case study on financial analysis using real financial statements from one of our fellow farm business owners in the cohort. In this study, we'll compare key metrics, perform ratio analysis. What are the numbers telling us, and what questions are the numbers prompting us to ask?