Cost of Production Tools
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TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Set a goal for yourself to learn how to track, calculate and analyze the cost of production for one of your main crops.

Start by taking the quick quiz below to learn how you can take your firs step towards this goal!After taking the quiz, learn more by viewing the "Cost of Production Foundations" lesson. This lesson will introduce you to key concepts, tools and testimonals from famers in the Hawaii Women Farmers Network (WFN) about how tracking cost of production information can help you make smart decisions to improve efficiencies and profit in your business. After viewing this lesson youÊ»ll have a basic understanding of how to use cost of production information to help you determine:

  • Which crops are contributing the most to your overall profit?

  • Which crops are not contributing towards your profit and actually causing you to loose money?

  • Where can you increase price points or make improvements in efficiency to reduce the cost of specific crops so that do contribute towards your overall profit.