Module 4: Refining Sales Projections Using S.W.O.T Analysis
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Module 4: Learn how to use SWOT (Strength Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats) Analysis to Develop Your Scenarios of Sales Projections & Expenses 
  • An understanding of how to run scenarios of sales projections based on S.W.O.T analysis;
  • The capacity to identify strategic actions which will be required to meet specific sales goals.




Following Workshop 1, cohort participants will begin to review the financial tools they'll use during the In-Person Workshop 2, which will take place on 6/20/23 on Oahu (location TBD). This video will introduce viewers to the finanical tool known as the Profit and Loss report (P&L Statement). In the video, participants will learn how the income and expense accounts on your Chart of Accounts (COA) is reported on your P&L. The video also demonstrates how to use your P & L to analyze your income and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) accounts for each of your revenue streams to determine the profit and contribution margins. Diving deeper, the video introduces you to key financial ratios and how to use these key ratios to analyze the overall preformance of your business. Finally, the video and accompanying modules will show you the four main ways you can make changes to improve your key ratios and overall business prThese modules and accompanying tools will give participants a foundation for using the COA, COGS and P&L financial tools to develop sales projections and to begin building your 2023 Annual Budget in Workshop 2. As part of this video, participants will also review a case study on financial analysis using real financial statements from one of the Hawaii Island farm business owners in the cohort. In this study, they demonstrate how to compare key metrics, perform ratio analysis. As viewers watch this case study, think about how to apply the same tools and process to your own business. What are the numbers telling us, and what questions are the numbers prompting us to ask in our bTo take this course virtually in preparation for your first in-person workshop,  download the following Slide Decks and tools for each of the modules below.Module 3: Using the P & L sheet to analyze profit margins, labor to sales ratios and other key ratios;Slide