We are accepting applications for our Oahu Cohort Farm Viability Training until May 5th. Apply now
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We're Excited to Start our Farm Viability Cohort Training on Oahu 

We're excited to launch our Farm Viability Cohort for farm business owners on Oahu! This 8 week, cohort-based training program will guide participants through a process for creating a farm viability strategy grounded in individual income and quality of life goals. The training is delivered through two in-person workshops, cohort discussions with fellow farm business owners, and online training videos and tools. Dedicated participants can also earn one-on-one consultation time with certified Bookeepers.

To value the time of our participants, each workshop is designed as a 'working session' so that participants can use the concepts and tools we demonstrate to make 'live' improvements in their financial records and reports.

Participants will learn how to use simple financial tools, develop healthy monthly and annual financial management routines, and identify S.M.A.R.T actions to meet their target goals. Working as a cohort, we will draw on each others experience and wisdom and help support and hold each other accountable to reaching each participant's goals.

A stipend of $500 will be made through three distribution payments for participants who attend and meet the learning objectives for each workshop. Priority will be given to female farm business owners. To inquire about more information for future training events, please email: Logan.Motas@oahurcd.org.

Applications for the cohort are now closed. Mahalo to all of those who applied and we look forward to working with this talented group of wahine c

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  Watch an Inspiring Video From Our Last WFN Cohort 


*This material is based upon work supported by USDA/NIFA under Award Number 2018-70027-28587.